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KWL Broadcast is Indonesian manufacturer of FM and TV broadcasting equipment. Currently, we are covering four main areas :

  • FM transmitters
  • STL (Studio Transmiter Link)
  • TV transmitters
  • Transmitting antennas and accessories

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Ada beberapa Model system Modulasi di dalam Pemancar AM, Antara lain adalah :

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  FM Broadcast QUASI-DIGITAL Audio Processor

• Multiband feedforward Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) processing gives a powerful, well-defined sound and brings a broad range of user control to the audio signature.

• Proprietary “Polarity Independent Peak Processing” Limiter
and a built-in adjustable Composite Clipper assure maximum
carrier modulation efficiency.

• Digital synthesis of the multiplex baseband signal yields optimum stereo separation and ensures adjustment-free, rock-stable operation.

• Dual MPX and WEBCAST Output, designed for multicast at the same time audio broadcasting.

• Easy to install and use without the need for external test equipment. Generic, readily available components are used
throughout the product to facilitate maintenance anywhere.

Features & Specifications :


STEREO SEPARATION : >55dB, 50Hz-15kHz (typically 60-70dB)

DIGITAL SYNTHESIS SAMPLING RATE : 608kHz (16X subcarrier oversampling) and Centre Sampling at 1216kHz (32X subcarrier oversampling) to eliminates integration of switching noise that is concurrent with leading and trailing edge of waveform steps.

STEREO PILOT : 19kHz, ±1Hz. Pilot is adjustable between 6% and 12% relative to
100% modulation.

MPX (Composite) CLIPPER : Baseband clipping may be adjusted between 0dB and 2dB. Clipping is performed prior to pilot injection.

LOW-PASS FILTERING : The 7-pole, phase-corrected, active-elliptic LPF includes
proprietary overshoot compensation.

COMPOSITE OUTPUT : The 75-ohm, unbalanced BNC output is variable between
1V p-p and 10V p-p with reference to 100% carrier modulation.

WEBCAST OUTPUT : Nominal 100-ohm, Stereo unbalanced XLR output is fixed approximately @ +4dBu output, Low Pass Filtered, De-Emphasized.

NOISE : Better than 70dB below 100% modulation in decoded L/R audio. Individual digital noise components above 54kHz are –70dB or better.

DISTORTION : <0.5%THD in baseband and subcarrier at 95% modulation with PIPP* limiter defeated; <1.5% at any level of modulation with PIPP* limiter engaged.

CROSSTALK (M/S or S/M) : Nonlinear crosstalk is better than –50dB, 50Hz-15kHz.
Linear crosstalk (through processing and filters) is better than –40dB.

AUDIO LINE INPUTS (L/R) : Active-balanced, bridging XLR inputs accept nominal
program line levels between –15dBu and +10dBu.

GATED A.G.C. : ±15dB capture range corrects for long-term input level variations.

PROCESSING : Subtractive Band-Splitting of peak-weighted limiting employ a secondary ‘platform’ function to furnish average-level compression of program dynamics. Spectrum-subtraction band division has second-order crossovers at 100Hz and 4,2kHz.

Adaptive Pre-Emphasis : 75μs or 50μs selected by internal jumpers.

Polarity Independent Peak Processing Limiter : Proprietary circuitry assures full carrier deviation by program audio regardless of signal asymmetry.

POWER REQUIREMENTS : 210-255VAC, 50/60Hz; 15W.

SIZE AND SHIPPING WEIGHT : 6Cm-H x 48,2Cm-W x 40Cm-D (1,5U); Approx. :5Kgs.

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