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KWL Broadcast is Indonesian manufacturer of FM and TV broadcasting equipment. Currently, we are covering four main areas :

  • FM transmitters
  • STL (Studio Transmiter Link)
  • TV transmitters
  • Transmitting antennas and accessories

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Ada beberapa Model system Modulasi di dalam Pemancar AM, Antara lain adalah :

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Aplikasi Lain untuk Sistem “Quadrature Amplitude Modulation”

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) adalah encoding informasi menjadi isyarat pembawa gelombang...
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  Quasi Digital PWM - AM Broadcast Audio Processor

• Multiband feedforward Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) processing gives a powerful, well-defined sound and brings a broad range of user control to the audio signature.

• Proprietary “Polarity Independent Peak Processing”
and a built-in adjustable composite clipper assure maximum
carrier modulation efficiency.

• Digital synthesis of the multiplex baseband signal yields optimum stereo separation and ensures adjustment-free, rock-stable operation.

• Easy to install and use without the need for external test equipment. Generic, readily available components are used
throughout the product to facilitate maintenance anywhere.

Technical Specification :


STEREO SEPARATION : >55dB, 50Hz-15kHz (typically 60-70dB)

NOISE : Better than 70dB below 100% modulation in decoded L/R audio. Individual digital noise components above 54kHz are –70dB or better.

DISTORTION : <1.5% at any level of modulation with PIPP* limiter engaged.

CROSSTALK (M/S or S/M) : Nonlinear crosstalk is better than –50dB, 50Hz-10kHz.
Linear crosstalk (through processing and filters) is better than –40dB.

AUDIO LINE INPUTS (L/R) : Active-balanced, bridging XLR inputs accept nominal
program line levels between –15dBu and +10dBu.

GATED A.G.C. : ±15dB capture range corrects for long-term input level variations.

PRE-EMPHASIS : 75μs or 50μs selected by internal jumpers.

PROCESSING : 3 bands of peak-weighted limiting employ a secondary ‘platform’ function to furnish average-level compression of program dynamics. Spectrum-subtraction band division has second-order crossovers at 100Hz and 2.5kHz.

Polarity Independent Peak Processing Limiter : Proprietary circuitry assures full carrier deviation by program audio regardless of signal asymmetry. The limiter may be defeated with a front-panel switch.

LOW-PASS FILTERING : The 7-pole, phase-corrected, active-elliptic LPF includes
proprietary overshoot compensation.

DIGITAL SYNTHESIS SAMPLING RATE : 160kHz (10X audio oversampling).

POWER REQUIREMENTS : 210-255VAC, 50/60Hz; 15W.

SIZE AND SHIPPING WEIGHT : 6Cm - H x 48,2Cm - W x 40Cm - D (1U); 5Kgs.

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