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KWL Broadcast is Indonesian manufacturer of FM and TV broadcasting equipment. Currently, we are covering four main areas :

  • FM transmitters
  • STL (Studio Transmiter Link)
  • TV transmitters
  • Transmitting antennas and accessories

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  STL System Triple Conversion Digital Demod

• The equipment we offer has used DIGITAL DEMODULATOR TRIPLE CONVERSION (70,3Mhz - 10.7Mhz - 700kHz) technology that has been upgraded with Dual Hybrid Mixing (Super low Noise mixer), on STL-UHF reception system (Receiver-site) with the superiority of Demodulation Multiplexing which is far more perfect than the conventional Demodulator method. Also equipped with MPX Processor with "Wide Band Adaptive Multiplexing Clipper / Equalizer and Final MPX Hard Clipping System" which will minimize modulation degradation while still suppress maximum noise and pass all additional carrier digital signals such as RDS and SCA and keep MPX level or composite signal to avoid Over Modulation.

• Lightening Arrester at MPX and DC-Grounded RF Input output, Broadbanded PLL LCD, Cavity Tuner, Channel Center Error and Multipath Signal Error Level Indicator which is useful for checking the adjacent channel above and below the channel we use and for knowing the correct antenna direction and to avoid receiving a multipath signal in the form of a combination of the reflected signal and the original signal that will ensure excellent reception quality at long distance.

  • STD-7/LCD-30 Transmitter Specifications :

  • • RF Power Output : 0-30Watt Adjustable
    • Frequency : 324-328.6Mhz, 340-3350Mhz (Indonesian Version, Others on request)
    • Frequency Change : Direct Changeable from LCD Menu Control
    • Frequency Stability : better than 0.00025% at room temperature
    • Deviation (100% Modulation) : +/-50KHz (Composite), +/-40KHz(Monaural)
    • Spurious & Harmonic Emission : More than 60dB below Carrier Level
    • Modulation Input :
    - MPX : 1.5Vp-p @4KΩ, Unbalanced, Fr. : 30Hz-160Khz, BNC
    - Stereo separation (20 Hzχ15 kHz) : ≥ 65 dB
    - THD : ≤ 0.03%
    - AM syncro residual : < -64 dBc
    - AM asyncro residual : < -68 dBc
    • Power Source : 220V/AC (+/-10%), 50/60Hz, 70Watts
    • Dimension : 2U, 19” Standard Rack Mounted

  • STL-RX3 Receiver Specifications :

  • • RF Sensitivity : 110uV(-70dBm) or less required for 60dB Signal
    • Frequency : 324-328.6Mhz, 340-3350Mhz (Indonesian Version, Others on request)
    • Frequency Change : Direct Changeable from LCD Menu Control
    • System Features :
    • Triple Conversion System :
    o 1st I.F (Intermediate Frequency) = 70,3Mhz.
    o 2nd I.F (Intermediate Frequency) = 10,7Mhz.
    o 3rd I.F (Intermediate Frequency) = 700kHz.
    • Upscalling Quasi Digital Demodulator to 1,4MHz.
    • High Gain RF Front End with Low Noise RF Pre-Amplifier.
    • Dual Hybride Mixer (UHF to 1st IF and to 2nd IF mixers).
    • Internal MPX Processor for clear MPX Output.
    • MPX Output Lightening Protection Arrester.
    • Full Metering with LCD Display (RSSI, Signal Path, MPX, L-R, 19Khz).
    • Multipath – Signal Path Error Indicator (on LCD Menu).
    • Channel Centre Error Indicator (Front Panel LED).
    • Wide Band Digital Phase Lock Loop – PLL.
    • Remote Control Function Switch system.
    • Lightening Protection on MPX Output and RF Input.
    • RF Input Connector : N-Type.
    • RF Input Impedance : 50 Ohms.
    • MPX Output Connector : BNC.
    • MPX Output Impedance : 75 Ohms.
    • AC Input Power : 220V – 50/60Hz (Approx. 35Watt).
    • Remote Power Switched : 220VAC – 100Watt Max.
    • Selectivity :
    - Composite : 3dB IF Bandwidth, 125Khz
    - Monaural : 3dB IF Bandwidth, 90Khz
    - Spectral Efficient Composite : 3dB IF BW, 100Khz
    • Adjacent Channel Level : +10dBc to degrade SNR by 3dB

    Features and specifications subject to change without notice

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